Generational Marketing Trends To Approach US Generations


Generational Marketing Characteristics: What Content Creators Should Know

Did you know that children-actors who are being shot for advertising products for kids are usually older than their target audience? Advertisers intentionally shoot older children so that they act as role models for the younger.

Marketers have their own unique way of looking at people. They see them as the customers that will always need new clothes, new facilities for their households and new equipment to meet their needs.

The system of generational marketing, which is described in the infographic so vividly, shows that there are six generations that retailers have to take care of.

Generational MarketingInfographic is presented by  Personal Money Service

How can marketers satisfy all these people when each generational group has its preferences, lifestyles and moral values?

First-off it is essential to know what are the generations that the product can be sold to and what buying patterns they have. The generational groups that determine the selling approach the marketers will use are:

  1. PreDepression Generation. This age group is also known as the G.I. Generation or Veteran Generation. These are the people who have undergone the WWI.
  2. Depression Generation. This Silent Generation is also called Traditionalists and Swing Generation for their patriotic and conservationists beliefs.
  3. Baby Boom Generation. Being born between 1946 and 1964 these people have experienced the difficulties of caring for their children while taking care of their aging parents, thus being named the Sandwich Generation.
  4. GenerationX. Following the Baby Boom, this is the generation that was born during the decrease of births.
  5. Generation Y. The Millennials, children of the Baby Boomers.
  6. Generation Z. A.k.a. the Digital Men showing great interest in technology and science.

Looking at the life choices each generation makes, here is what retailers can pick up to develop their generational marketing strategies.

Generational Marketing and WWI Generation

The pre-depression generation is the people who have suffered some crucial experience in their lives. Their great hopes and expectations have been broken by the two wars that have descended on the world. This however made them stronger and gave them strength to go through drastic social and technological changes.

As well as all aging people, they are conservative. As they get older they give up their materialistic views and tend to be more altruistic. Things that they value most are health, personal security, and financial surety. Having a mostly sedentary way of life, they also take joy in doing exercise.

The aspects of life which marketers can also approach in their strategies include vacations, health care services, and prepared foods.

Having a great concern about their valued belongings’ right of disposal, this group of people can be reached through officials, lawyers, and financial advisors.

Being targeted most by printed media these people often respond to messages made in large type and backed-up by bright pictures. According to generational marketing trends, communication with this generation will be more effective through their children or directly at social events.

Understanding the Depression Generation

These people have seen America gain its power. That’s why rationing, saving, morals, and ethics are among their greatest values. They can be called conformists because they trust in the things tried and tested, thus making it hard for them to understand and try something new. Depression generation perceives the themes like hard work and reliance on the authority.

What is more, this generation believes in commitment and responsibility. Since they appreciate honesty, the marketer will earn their trust if responsible and committed to what he is offering.

More and more people from this group are becoming active internet users, so they don’t want to be addressed as older or clueless. The institution’s or the person’s image in the society is important to them.

When choosing any product of their interest, from better-than-average children’s facilities to healthy foods, they value quality most. Being highly patriotic, these people will notice the goods made in the USA.

According to generational marketing, this generation can also be divided into two groups of those who are getting ready for the well-earned R and R and those who desire to develop personally, thus looking for adult recreation education.

The “Billboard Approach” works well with this people because they are faster to react to short clear messages that say the most but take the least of their time.

Relating to the Baby Boomers

Born in the age of fast progress, these people find satisfaction in work. They are so caught up in work that many opt for “active retirement”. That’s why they look for things like energy, revitalizing and health promotion in the goods and services they buy.

Baby Boomers have to care for their parents and their children, that’s why like to have options and value flexibility. Good quality for a good price is also one of their concerns. Not being very self-centered, they still look for some ways to postpone aging, that’s why products like Botox and hair restorers attract them.

They don’t like to be reminded of their age but will buy the health-related products, organic foods, and beauty products that promise body wellness.

Generational marketing experts state that this generation does not trust the authorities too much. However, they take the advantage of working with personal trainers and financial advisors.

Many Baby Boomers are in the transition period to a new stage of life. This change has to be made less stressful and much easier to handle. That’s why, services that focus on traveling, housing and offer low prices will have the Baby Boomer’s attention.

Baby Boomers aren’t very tech-savvy when it comes to mobile technologies, but they succeed in using the social networking sites for finding health information or online job openings. If marketers want to reach out to them, it can be best done by appreciating the Baby Boomers’ contribution and significance.

Cooperating With Generation X

This generation has less traditional values than its predecessors. Since they have been growing up in the age of increasing divorces and violence they have become pessimistic and skeptical. They were influenced by the fast-growing technological development. However, nothing human is alien to them, they are also concerned about balancing social life, work, and family. They look for practical, useful things for reasonable prices.

Members of this generation often are respectable parents and caregivers, so they will look for cars, appliances, and children’s products to make their households function better. They will be interested in the product’s maintenance and features and need to know how it will benefit their lifestyles.

Internet advertising and easy shopping online have distracted the gen X from their TVs. Marketers must provide comprehensive information about the product. It is easy to keep them buying from your company by asking them to share their experience with the product or service and appreciating their feedback.

They despise modern advertising for the effort to make them buy something. That’s why it is better to approach them as an advisor or consultant and tell everything about the product for them to know that you are the best at what you do.

Sharing With the Generation Y

Since this generation has seen many changes, so they are open to the world. They see the world as full of options and possibilities for them. They have extremely diverse interests and opinions.

The key factors that determine the buying habits of this generation are: choice, customization, searching study, straightforwardness, cooperation, speed, entertainment, and innovation.

They develop their tastes and preferences in their teens, so this is the time to contact this generation, earn their respect and get loyalty to the company as a result. They need to see that the company also has values and they are able to make a change once they sign up for it. They take great interest in learning and many are ready to study continuously.

They value real-life experience and honesty. Since they have been growing up in the untypical families, they are appealed by diversity in all its meanings.

Generation Y is influenced by the uniqueness and will rather buy a product with the idea they can relate to. Their choices are also triggered by the challenge, so the marketers will approach them by offering options for exploration and discovery.

Advertising bearing images impacts this generation mostly. They are also eager to create their own unique image while purchasing clothes and accessories. They look for one-of-a-kind items when furnishing their apartments and equipping their lives with vehicles and innovative devices.

They are keen on comparing the products and process in the outlets and online shops, so they will look for bargains. However expensive designer pieces are also bought by this group of people because revel in shopping and can treat themselves to nice things.

Traditional and innovative advertising approaches like advergaming work well with this generation. They also trust the marketing buzz from the people they are influenced by. They appreciate humor and facts in the ads, marketers have to make the ads catchy and memorable.

Modernizing the Marketing to Generation Z

All the major changes have taken place and the generation Z is feasting on them. These are the new conservatives with their own defined morals and values. They got used to a load of information from their devices. They use all the innovations right from the start, so it takes an effort to intrigue them with something new.

With all the variety of opinions and backgrounds, they need to find their place in the world. They have seen almost everything that marketers have to offer that’s why they value authenticity.

In order to fit in, this generation can boast of their music, technology, and fashion choices. Households, where generation X is settled in, are dependent on the choices made by Tweens. This group is responsible for food, vehicle and insurance decisions.

This generation still has their focus on the TV, but they reject the advertising that forces them to any decisions or lifestyles. Marketers can reach this group by recommending them the products that their peers use. Even if it’s an online group of people, Tweens want to fit in.

Generational marketing experts state that this group’s preferences will always be influenced by the Internet technologies. Baby Boomers are always ready to take full advantage of the information technologies and are easily reachable by its means.

Since the time changes very fast, the marketers have to keep abreast of the needs each generation of buyers has. That’s why generational marketing approach has gained such popularity.

Using this approach is a powerful tool for communication with every of the generation above and a way to boost the sales thus making the company more cost-effective.


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