Five SEO Mistakes That Do The New Websites Owners

SEO Mistakes

Most of the owner of the web don’t know the SEO Mistakes they made for their websites. It happens to not having SEO knowledge. this article will help to avoid these mistakes.

It Wants to run a successful SEO campaign?This blog is for you.This blog will light on the five common SEO mistakes that business owners commit.So, Let’s face them one by one.

SEO Mistakes in Choosing Keywords

Rationality is necessary for choosing the keywords.

If you run your business in the expansion of a particular area, you should select such keywords that can help you to be found in the local search results of that particular area. Many business owners select global keywords that are useless for them and getting ranking on them is overly tough, so they do not get any success from their campaign.

Many business people select overly competitive keywords and fail in their campaign because of this. If you select overly competitive keywords for your campaign, it may take a year or more to get places in the top search results for those keywords, depending upon how competitive your business domain is. If you take keywords with very little or almost no competition, you will get top rankings soon, but those rankings will be of no use because they will not be capable of generating business for you.

Introducing a Non-SEO-Friendly Website

Non SEO Friendly website is one of the main SEO Mistakes.Most of the websites fail for not being as per the SEO guidelines for websites. For a successful SEO campaign, you need to introduce an SEO friendly website. The website must be device and navigation friendly. The website must load on a browser in 2-3 seconds and comprise business keywords. Many SEO tools are there that can help you check the SEO friendliness of your website. They can recommend you what all you need to make it an ideal website for your SEO campaign.

Keyword Stuffing in the Website Content

A well-known truth of search engines is they pick up any website for their organic search results by seeing the presence of the searched keyword on the website.

Knowing this, many webmasters stuff the keywords on their website so that Google and other search engines cannot miss their website for their search results. Well, to be honest with you, this does not benefit at all. This irritates the search engines and the visitors both. You need to use keywords sensibly on your website. You must produce content for the readers and not for the search engines and then use the appropriate set of the keywords sensibly so that you can kill two birds at the same time – win the favor of the search engines and the website visitors.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important SEO strategy. This helps you achieve two things at the same time. High-quality content allows you to win the trust of the readers and generates links to your website as well. Many website owners select just any website for their content marketing campaign, as they see the content marketing as a source to build links to their websites. Do not do it. Spammy sites will do more harm than any benefit. Select high authority content marketing websites only.

Link Building

Google relies on links to determine the ranking of any website in its search results. Interpreting it in their own way, many business owners focus on building as many links as possible. They assume the more links they will have the better visibility their website will enjoy. They ignore the fact link quality matters a lot for the search engines. So, despite building links in bulk, they don’t notice any improvement in the ranking of their website, and as Google comes to know their wrongdoing, the search engine penalizes their websites.

So, your focus should be on creating only high-quality links to your website. However, it does not mean that you will get high visibility by building 10 to 20 high authority links. The number is also important to build links in a good number as well.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can easily get high rankings in the organic search results of Google and other major search engines. However, this would be good to take the assistance of an SEO consultant in Melbourne for your SEO campaign because that person will be capable of providing the best plan for your SEO campaign.


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